Joëlle, Fredy, Joffrey and Lelica are very glad to receive you in their felin passion.

Consortium of small siamese’s and oriental’s catteries in the south of france.

Each of us have his affix and is looking after the happiness of his companions.

Our cats are coming from great American or European descendants.

Very affectionate, players, sociable and faithful, they take part in our everyday life, in our house, our bedrooms...

They are living with us!

They are entirely considered “members of our family”.

Very careful, we nurse them, respect them, love them.

Situated on the Aude south border, near Rennes le Château,

in the last Cathar Perfect Birthplace,

our Siameses and Orientals enjoy the pure air of the Mediterranean sunny countryside.

So, we hope passionate families for our kittens.


Contact us for more informations and good visit!





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